Westrec is setting the standard in the marina industry for professionalism and experience.

Since our inception Westrec has been not only leading the marina industry but reinvesting in it as well. Westrec’s senior management team has been sharing professionalism and experience with the entire recreational marine industry. Westrec executives have held and in many cases still continue to hold leadership positions with a number of industry associations and groups. Westrec senior staff have contributed their time and talent to the International Super Yacht Society (ISS), The Marinas Group (an international marina focused committee of ICOMIA), the National Marine Manufacturers Association (NMMA), the International Marina Institute (IMI), and the Association of Marina Industries (AMI). Westrec executives were leaders in developing the Marine Environmental Education Foundation (MEEF), the National Clean Boating Campaign and most recently Westrec’s president was a member of California’s Marine Life Protection Act (MLPA) Blue Ribbon Task Force.

Westrec senior executives and managers alike are presenters at industry conferences like the International Marina and Boatyard Conference (IMBC) and faculty at the Advanced Marina Management training programs. Many Westrec executives and managers are Certified Marina Managers (CMM) a distinction created by the IMI and Westrec executives were a part of the leadership that created and developed this distinction.

Westrec has developed operations manuals, customer service training, first aid, safety and emergency preparedness manuals and have shared each of these with the entire marina industry through the AMI.

Westrec is the industry leader in public/private partnerships. Westrec has effectively partnered with a variety of government agencies and municipalities to create marinas that provide public access, public economic resources, increased services, expanded usage, and most importantly, increased enjoyment and participation levels for the boating public. Westrec is setting the standard in the marina industry for professionalism and experience.

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